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Creative thinking doesn’t exist

Robert W. Weisberg (2006)

Creativity: Understanding Innovation in Problem Solving, Science, Invention and the Arts.

Weisberg thoroughly reviews famous paradigms explaining creativity. With evidence and good argumentation he deals with myths around the moment of insight, incubation time, breaking with the past, the role of madness, and the role of diverging in creativity. You will be surprised…

The book builds towards his model: the Cognitive Analytical Model. Weisberg gives an analytical approach towards creativity. His core argument is that creativity is no special cognitive process. Creativity is ordinary thinking with a creative result. Not ‘creative thinking’ but hard work and expertise are important in achieving this creative result.

This wonderful book is 600+ pages worth your time. If you are a facilitator or trainer in creativity you will scratch your head and realize what you believed to be true about creativity might be wrong. And what you have been telling others on how to be more creative might have been bullshit.

If you are not as in depth involved in creativity, read the book and don’t believe what anyone is telling you. But please remember to stay critical.

July 9, 2018Article by: Willemijn Brouwer




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