How can we enable you?

Through four types of services (see figure below) we give insights and practical tools to enhance creativity in yourself and/or in others. Passing on knowledge to enable you is what we do.

Characteristics of our services

  • We believe that knowledge is gained through experience, play, and feedback, in combination with theoretical backgrounds.
  • We always share different ‘truths’ on creativity, giving you a chance to make up your own mind.
  • We are designers and love to create. Thus we use crafts and drawings to explain abstract concepts.
  • And most importantly, we think humor is the ultimate form of human creativity. That doesn’t mean that we want to funny all the time. We will always put things in perspective, and aim to be engaging and lighthearted.

What others say

Henk van der Steen (facilitator@Troje)

The training ‘Creativity & Problem Solving: the real deal’ gave me both a broader and more indepth insight in creativity and problem solving, eventhough I thought I was quite familiar with both concepts. Besides the suprising theoretical support, was the training highly interactive. Willemijn is, as expert and trainer, a pleasant, energetic and sparkling personality. I definitely recommend this training, also when you think you know everything creativity or if want to work on creativity with your team.

Annemarie Boereboom (New Business Developer@Vialis)

The training ‘Creativity & Problem Solving: the real deal’ gave me a lot more insights than I expected beforehand. I was a bit afraid of ‘the usual brainstorm tips’. This training proved me wrong. The connection between theory and practice really provided me with new insights, and with tools for me and my team to make our own creative sessions more valuable. I haven’t seen a training on this topic with this much depth. I recommend this training to professionals that are interested in creativity and the way to innovative solutions!

Nel Mostert (facilitator@MCCIM)

It is about time that somebody builds a solid base of the fragmented and therefore heavily under-used collection of creativity research, knowledge & tools. This base that Willemijn is building, will offer the ‘world of creativity’ a balanced view of what it consists of, how it can be applied and, ultimately, how this knowledge can make our world a better world through offering humankind a view of the wealth of connecting possibilities that creativity offers.

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