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The Creativity Quartet 2020 are 52 playing cards with 52 corresponding articles on Creativity. The Creativity Quartet 2020 is for professionals that want to understand creativity in its richness, to be able to make better use of their own creativity and problem-solving abilities. And for those who want to facilitate the creativity of others. It is our assumption is that if you have more understanding about what you are doing when you are trying to use your creativity, you will be better at it. So go for it!

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creativity creativiteit deliberate methods

CQ22: Deliberate creativity methods

31/05/2020 |

Can we be creative by choice? The word ‘deliberate’ implies we can. In this chapter I will describe four methods all based on the idea that we can be

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Creativity creativiteit Cognitive Analytical Model

CQ21: How do people solve problems?

24/05/2020 |

The Cognitive Analytical Model (CAM) is described by Robert W. Weisberg in his 2006 book: Creativity: Understanding Innovation in Problem Solving, Sci

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creativity creativity Geneplore

CQ20: Geneplore: theory ready for practical use

16/05/2020 |

Geneplore is a merge of two words: generate & explore (Finke, et al., 1992). The Geneplore model is described in a book called Creative Cognition,

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Creativity creativiteit Amabile

CQ19: Three Components of Creative Performance by Amabile

10/05/2020 |

Teresa Amabile (1950-going strong), distinguished and retired Harvard Professor, but as many retired professors, still working. Last Summer at the Cre

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creativity creativiteit wallas

CQ18: Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Verification

01/05/2020 |

You know that feeling when you finish a book, close the cover, hold it in front of you, and you think: ‘WOW!’? I had that with the Art of Thought from

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creativity creativiteit theoretical models

CQ17: Theoretical models on creativity, where to start?

21/04/2020 |

There are as many theoretical models on creativity as models in the first episode of a new season of America’s Next Top Model. Fortunately, we have a

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creativity creativiteit creative thinking

CQ16: There is no such thing as Creative Thinking

19/04/2020 |

I finished Robert Weisberg’s 600+ page book on creativity in 2016. Weisberg (2006) concludes that creative thinking doesn’t exist. He makes a strong c

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creativity creativiteit innovation

CQ15: What is the difference between creativity and innovation?

12/04/2020 |

I recently became the new President of the European Association of Creativity & Innovation (EACI)*. From that perspective, it would be nice to cla

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creativity debates

CQ14: What is Creativity?

05/04/2020 |

Understanding how people create has been a serious topic for philosophy since the Renaissance (CQ9). But when Guilford acknowledges creativity to be a

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creativity creativiteit domain specific general trait

CQ13: Could Einstein paint like Picasso?

29/03/2020 |

Could Einstein paint like Picasso? No. And Picasso was no brainiac like Einstein was. We give both men credit for their great creative contributions,

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creativity creativiteit debates

CQ12: Theory vs. Practice: Finding your way through theory as creativity practitioner

21/03/2020 |

  The problem occurs when you are a practitioner like us. It is our job to get other people more creative. It would be nice to understand how cre

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creativiteit creativity eureka

CQ11: Eureka!!!

13/03/2020 |

Do you know that feeling? That feeling that you found it, that final piece of the puzzle. That puzzle piece that makes everything fall into place. Tha

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What others say

Henk van der Steen (facilitator@Troje)

The training ‘Creativity & Problem Solving: the real deal’ gave me both a broader and more indepth insight in creativity and problem solving, eventhough I thought I was quite familiar with both concepts. Besides the suprising theoretical support, was the training highly interactive. Willemijn is, as expert and trainer, a pleasant, energetic and sparkling personality. I definitely recommend this training, also when you think you know everything creativity or if want to work on creativity with your team.

Annemarie Boereboom (New Business Developer@Vialis)

The training ‘Creativity & Problem Solving: the real deal’ gave me a lot more insights than I expected beforehand. I was a bit afraid of ‘the usual brainstorm tips’. This training proved me wrong. The connection between theory and practice really provided me with new insights, and with tools for me and my team to make our own creative sessions more valuable. I haven’t seen a training on this topic with this much depth. I recommend this training to professionals that are interested in creativity and the way to innovative solutions!

Nel Mostert (facilitator@MCCIM)

It is about time that somebody builds a solid base of the fragmented and therefore heavily under-used collection of creativity research, knowledge & tools. This base that Willemijn is building, will offer the ‘world of creativity’ a balanced view of what it consists of, how it can be applied and, ultimately, how this knowledge can make our world a better world through offering humankind a view of the wealth of connecting possibilities that creativity offers.

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